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{Page 5} II.

All labouring and striving by forms, customes, and traditions, come short of that worship in Spirit and in Truth. The wayes the two men walk in, viz. the Spirituall and the carnall, the difference betwixt them, and how you may know them by their fruits.

All men and women that make a profession, and go under the name of Christians, and say you love Jesus Christ, mind him whom you profess, that you may be taught by him in all your ways and worships, and do not suffer your selves 1 to be decieved any longer by fair speeches, and flattering high notion, by which you have been blinded for many years, and led on to worship God in outside forms and customs, after the traditions and commandments of men, which by imaginary imitations and consultations they have set up for their own ends, and have made laws to bind people to observe them, contrary to that light shining into the conscience (the throne of Christ) XR2504,and the practice of Christ and his Apostles2, and so have made the word of God of none effect by their traditions, but neither they nor you have known the true God, who is worshipped in Spirit: for whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, nor known him; He that saith I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, nor have you fellowship with him, nor did ever you receive an answer of acceptance from him, though you you been worshippers in your formall customs all your time, and have many times afflicted your selves from morning till evening, yet no answer.

And herein how much you have resembled those four hundred worshippers in Elias time, if ever your eyes be open, you will see. But the living God is not as the dumb Idols to those {Page 6} who know him: for whom he accepts he answers, and hath done in all ages, and they are into union with him, and know him, and how he will be worshipped, not by hearsay, but from him alone, and their worship is not a imitation by the letter, but they are taught of him, every one in his measure, and they walk and worship him by his word, and the word is nigh them, in their hearts, in their mouths, by which they are guided, and they know his voice; but these are sheep such as are born again of the Spirit, not after the will of man, but after the will of God.3

But there is a generation whose sacrifice God doth not accept, whose prayers are abomination and whose plowing is sin, who pollute all they meddle with, who are hated of the Lord, whom Christ prays not for; for they, their sacrifice, and all they do are accursed from God; and these are in the first birth, children of wrath and enemies to God. Now all people try your selves4, whether you be in the first birth or you be born again: there is a first Adam and there is a second Adam; and they who are in the first bear his image; and they who are in the second bear his image; and as is the earthly, such are they that are earthly; and as is the heavenly, such are they that are heavenly. And these are contrary one to the other: the one being from above, the other being from below; the one the seed of God, the other the seed of the serpent, and an enmity is put between them by God5, and there can be no uniting them in one, for what concord has Christ with Belial, or the believer and the unbeliever?

The first man is of the earth earthly: minds earthly things, lives in the earth, delights in the earth, lusts after the earth, covets, contends and sues for it; for his treasure is in the earth and his heart is with it; for it is his portion,and his thoughts, words, and wisdom are all employed about it, plotting and forecasting how to compasse it and fetch it out of the hands of others, to heap up; but is never satisfied, but is a servant to it; it is his life, his joy; and if it be taken from him his comfort is gone: it is his God6, and he worships it, and would have all to worship him because of the abundance of it that he has got together: for he knows no other God nor greater {Page 7} happinesse than what he sees with carnal eyes, & this all his actions witness; and this is he that isk exalted above all that is called God5 and opposes God in all his commands7: When God saith, Thou shalt not eat of the tree of knowledge, for if thou do thou shalt die8, he saith, You may eat of it and not die, but live better, be as God himself. When God saith, Thou shalt not bow down nor worship any creature in heaven or earth, for I am jealous of mine honor and will not have it given to any creature, but will visit that sin to the third and fourth generation9,“ he saith, Thou shalt bow down and worship me, and thou shalt gain by it and be received into the kingdoms of the earth and the glory of them (for there I am Prince)10; and I will bestow great things upon thee; but if thou wilt not I make a Decree, sign it with my own Ring, and set all my servants to act it, that all thy seed shall be cut off out of my Dominions in one day11. And thus to oppose God, and seek to destroy his seed where it appears, hath been his way from the beginning, and is his way at this day, and here are all you haters, enviers and persecutors, and you are doing his work, and you are acted by him who was a murderer from the beginning.

The second man is the Lord from Heaven, and he that bears his Image minds heavenly thing, and delights in heavenly things12; for his is spirituall, and judgeth not according to outward appearance; for the evill eye that offends is pluckt out - that eye which leads into visible things; and there is an eye turned inward, which pierceth into the hidden treasure which is eternall, which the naturall eye sees not13; and having once got a sight of the true riches, he casts away all his Idols and Idol worships, and what ever is perishing, and treads upon all that may hinder his enjoyment therrof, though they have been never so dear to him, now it is become base dross and dung14, that he may obtain the invisible riches: and then the first born whose heart is in the earth, calls him a fool and a mad man, and things it strange that he will not serve the world nor the times for money, nor have mens persons in admiration because of advantage, nor observe the Heathenish customes for fear of men, but is made to declare against them in open streets and markets, and then that nature which lives in these things, takes up stones {Page 7} to cast at him15, & cries against him in tumults, Away with him, it is not fit he should love, for he breaks all customes and traditions, which we and our Fathers have lived in so many yeares, and turn the world up-side down, but being blind, cannot see that the Lord is in him, who counts all the customs of the Heathen vain16, and overturns Kingdoms and Nations at his will, and thereby makes way for him to reign whose right it is.

The first man worships a God at a distance, but knows him not, nor where he is, but by relation from others, either by word or writing; and as he receives his knowledge of him from men, so his worship towards him is taught by the precepts of men17; and if men, on whom he depends, commands him to go to Steeple-house, he goes; if they command him to pray, he prayes; if they command him to sing, he sings; if they bid him hear, kneel, sit, stand, fast, or feast, he doth it; and here he hath fellowship with men, and doth as his neighbors do, or with those he calls brethren, if he be got into a more strict form; but as for any command from God binding to these, or any communion with God, or answer of acceptance from him, upon every performance, he looks for no such thing now in these dayes. as though God was not now the same to his people that he hath been in all Ages. And thus in vain doth he worship, receiving for Doctrines the commandments of men18, and so uphold and plead for a customary worship in a form of tradition, which he is resolved to practice as long as he lives; but as for any others fellowship with God, or knowledge from him, or overcoming the body of sin19, or growing up toward perfection, he looks for none while he is here; but he hath set up his Stand as far as he intends to go, and if any go any further, or witness any more then he knows, he accounts it blasphemy, and cries out against it, as a thing not to be suffered, and with carnall weapons would force all to his light; but who have eyes open see him to be blind.

The second man worships a God at hand, where he dwells in his Holy Temple, and he knowes him by his own word from his dwelling-place, and not by relation of others, and thus the holy men of God alwayes knew him; for Abraham did not know him by what he had spoke to Noah20, nor the Prophets by what {Page 9} he spoke to Abraham, nor the Apostles by what he spoke to the Prophets, nor the Saints by what he spoke to the Apostles; but he that believeth hath the witness within himself, and thereby sets to his seal that God is true; and therefore Christ exhorts to have salt in yourselves, and the Apostle exhorts the Saints to wait for the appearance of Christ in themselves, and to wait for the dayStar arising in their heart; and they knew themselves to be the Sons of God by the Spirit that he had given them, and so doth he that is born of the Spirit; and by the same Spirit that witnesseth God dwelling in him21 he is taught how, & where, and after what manner he will be worshipped; and he knowes what he worships, and he worships in spirit, and he prays in the spirit and sings in the spirit and with understanding also, and not in form and custom; and he has an Ear open to hear what the spirit saith, by which he is taught when and how to pray, to sing, to fast or feast, and he Feasteth of fat things whereby the soul is nourished and feeds not the lust; he Feasts the inward man and not the outward; for all is spiritual; and so grows in the Spirit into neer Communion with God22, and getting victory over sin the World and the Devil, and as he comes into puritie he is changed into the Image of the Lord, from glory to glory, and all by the Spirit.

The first man is naturall and carnal and knowes not the things of God, but what he knows naturally as bruite beasts, and therein he doth corrupt himself, and doth use all his knowledge for corrupt ends23; he boasts of learning and tongues which are naturall, and these he useth to defraud, oppresse, and overreach the simple24, to revenge, sue, covet and heap together things that are for corruption, and with the same naturall knowledge and tongues he steps into the Throne of Christ and judges of the pure invisible things of God, comparing spiritual things with carnal, and thinkes none knows more than he, but knowes nothing as he ought to know; yet with this knowledge, and that power he hath got in the earth, he sits as judge and condemns the innocent, and lets the guilty go free, for being spiritually blind he calls evil good and good evil, and his seat is in the powers of the earth, and there he sits as lord from the beginning bearing rule by his means and here he excerciseth {Page 10} his authoritie25 and is Heathen, and is Prince in the Air, and hath the powers of darkness committed to him; but blessed be the Father who hath hid the glorious things of the kingdome from him and hath appointed that this Princely wisdom of his shall come to naught.

The second man is spiritually begotten by the spirit of the immortal seed, is the expresse Image of the Father; he knows the Father and is known of him, not by relation of the Creature but by the indwelling of God in him, and he in him, according to that measure of light revealed in him, and he stands in the will of God, improving that he has freely received of God, whereby he growes in the knowledge of the Father and the Son, from grace to grace, from faith to faith, till he come to the unitie of the faith and knowledge of the Son-ship, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: and standing faithful in the least measure, and waiting therein, the light of Christ under the Crosse, and not looking out, he is kept in peace from the craftie and sleighty doctrines of men whereby they go about to deceive. And as the light growes, there is a discerning of things that differ, to choose the good and refuse the evil, and as the Son ariseth, the judgment is brought forth26, for all judgment is committed to the Son, and so the Saints come to Judge the World; yea Angels, and are made able to try the spirits whether they be of God or no. And that old Serpent is judged by whom formerly they have been deceived, and so that which is born of God overcomes the World, sin and the devil27, and is kept out of all uncleanness, in which the carnall minde corrupts himself; and thus Judgment is brought forth unto victory, and the unjust and unclean is judged and condemned and kept under within and without.

The first man is proud and lofty, exalted above his brethren, a self-lover, lives to the flesh, and follows the lusts of the flesh in all things, and brings forth fruit to the flesh in all things28, as lying, swearing, whoring, and all manner of evil, and for a cover makes a profession of godliness, but performs nothing but for self ends and to be seen of men; but as to uprightness, holiness and puritie he is an enemie, a hater, a persecutor, {Page 11} a scorner, a railer, unreasonably covetous, would have all the Earth and Heaven too, would live in pleasure all his life and yet die the death of the righteous, would be an oppressor here and hereafter29; and upon him lies all the righteous blood that has been shed from the first till this day.

The second man is humble and lowly, meek and full of love to all, honors all men according to God, without respect of persons30, would have all to come to life, stands in the wisdom of God which is pure and peaceable, is willing to be a fool to the world and serpent’s wisdom, content to suffer wrongs, buffettings, persecutions, slanders, reviling, mocking, without seeking revenge, but bears all the venome the serpent can cast upon him with patience and thereby overcomes him and bruises his head, and is made perfect through suffering, and counts it joy, and rejoiceth in the Cross and loss of all things that are visible, but lookes at that which is Eternall31, for he knowes that he cannot have both; for to be a friend to the World is the enemy of God.

Now all dear people judge yourselves, if you will but deal faithfully with your selves there is that within you that will tel you whence you are and from whether of these roots all your actions proceed: for if the root be holy, the branches and fruit will be holy also, and by the fruits you bring forth, you may know the tree, whether you be of the first birth or you be born again, and unless you be born again you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, you have long time taken things upon trust from men and have been led blind and brought forth fruits unto death, and have been servants to sin & the devil, let the time past be sufficient to have wrought the will of the flesh and now approve your selves the children of God in your actions, for by your fruits you shall be judged. God is holy, and his children bear his image. Oh! redeem your time; prize your souls, and mind that which is eternal.

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