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A Discovery of the first Wisdome from beneath, and the second Wisdome from above, or The difference betwix the two Seeds, the one after the flesh, the other after the Spirit.


The Wisdom from beneath which leadeth into bondage, and the Wisdom from above which leadeth up into perfect liberty, where there is freedom and communion with the Father and the Son.

DEAR friends, all minde your guide within you, even the pure light of God, which bears witness against all your ungodly wayes, ungodly words, thoughts, works and worships, which are after the world, and leads you without from the Lord your guide, for what stands in outward things, devised in the will and brain which is the Serpents seat XR3774, is accursed from God, kept out of the Kingdom, where the earthly will hath liberty, leads out to visible things and feed upon the dust, which is the Serpents meat; but you who desire to be fed with that which is Eternall, lay aside all your wisdom which is naturuall, for the naturall man {Page 2} receives not the spirituall things of God, for that wisdom shall never know God which stands in the will of man, but darkens the pure light in you and opposeth it, and if you abide in the pure light within you shall see, that what ever the light of Christ makes appear to be evill and to be cast off then the other light which stands in mans wisdom, makes a cover for it that it may abide still, and this the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and that wisdom which ariseth out of the earth opposeth that which is from above, and cals evil good, and good evil, and the woe being upon that nature, you can have no peace while that stands, and from hence comes all your troubles and darknesse within you, because that eye which is open to the visible offence, and here you are thus out of the Kingdom, which consists in righteousnesse, peace, and Joy in the holy Ghost; but were that eye pluckt out, and you turned within to see with that eye that is single, then the whole body would be full of light, and abiding in that light, it will shew you a path that leads to puritie and Holinesse, without which none shall ever see the Lord: And it will let you see a Law written in your hearts, even the righteous Law of the new Covenant, which is a Book sealed to all the wisdom of the World, and none can read it but the pure light that gave it forth, which light as it ariseth in you, it will open all Parables and read all Scriptures within you in your measure, and so you will come to the Unitie with all Saints in measure, and so come to Christ the first born, even to the innumerable company of Angels tot he spirits of just men made perfect, and to God that Judge of all, where no Serpents wisdom shall ever come, and that Law being laid open, will be a limit to the carnall minde, when it would run forth, and the Judge will appear, who will passe true judgement upon all things as they are within you, and a separation will be made between the precious and the vile in you, and you will be brought to discern, what leads to obedience and what leads to disobedience, and here is your true Teacher whereby all shall be taught of God, as saith the Scripture, and minding this light it will shew you a Crosse, to be dayly taken up, whereby all the unruly nature must be crucified, for all must be brought subject to the yoke, even the most revbellios and stiffnecked in you, for he will tread {Page 3} upon the neck of Kings and that which hath captivated the pure in you, must go into captivity, for now the Lord is Risen to disquiet the earth and them that are at rest, yea, woe to them that are at ease in Sion, for he is risen who is to rule all Nations with a rod of Iron, and to deliver the oppressed, and to set open the prison doors, and so set the prisoners free, that they may serve him and praise his name, even the name of the Lord, Holy and Pure, blessed for evermore.

And dear friends be faithfull in what you know; take heed of making a profession of you are not, and so you be found dissemblers before the Lord, but keep low in meeknesse and patience, standing in the will of God in all things, and all those enemies that will not that Christ should raigne over them, bring them before the judge that they may be slain, even upon that Crosse that is daily to be taken up, for the Crosse is to the carnall, wilde, heady, brutish nature in you which lies above the seed of God in you and appresseth the pure, now giving this up tp be crucified makes way for that which is pure to arise, and guide your minds up to God, there to wait for power and strength against whatsoever the light of God makes manifest to be evil; and so to cast it off, and do you shall see where your strength lieth; and who it is in you that worketh the will and the deed and then you shall be brought into a possession of what you have but had a profession, and find the power of what you have had but in words, which is his from all profession in the World, and is revealed no other way but by the pure light of God dwelling in you and your in it; take heed of searching into the hidden things of God, by your own wisdom, which is carnal, for that hath God shut out of the Kingdom, and separated it from him, and the things of God and his Kingdome are hid from it, and it is appointed for utter darknesse, accursed from him, and doth oppose him in all things and in all ages, the wisdom of the great men of the earth have persecuted the pure wisdom of God, and counted it foolishness, and God hath said this shall come to nought, and abiding in the pure light of Christ within, you shall see that same wisdom in your selves, will be consulting and leading you any way, rather then to wait on the pure light, and this lath been {Page 4} a tempter from the beginning, and hath eaten of the forbidden fruit, and that which hath eaten of the tree of knowledge, must not tast the Tree of Life, but shall surely dye, and the flaming sword is to this wisdom, therefore turn your minds within and waite for a wisdom from above, which begins with the fear of the Lord, whcih is pure, peaceable, gentle and easie to be entreated, and if you keep your eye to this you shall see as this growes which is pure, there will be a death of that which is sensuall and carnall, and of the Serpent; and as you grow in this pure, you will grow in the knowledge of Christ within you, and this is not to be attained by seeking without, Lo here and lo there, but onely by keeping your eye within to the invisible, and giving diligent ear to that voice that speakes to the soul, and spirit, for the ministry of Christ is to the spirit in prison, not to the outward, but to the inward man, which is led captive and imprisoned, by the Serpentine wisdom that rules in the outward, and by which it is kept in death, which once coming to hear the voyce of Christ, it is raised from death to life, and then that Scripture is fulfulled, that dead hear the voyce of the Son Of God, and they that hear shall live,, and this being once restored to life, is that which hath fellowship with the Father and the Son, yea it is one with them; and this is that which as it ariseth, overcomes the world in you, gets the victory, obtains the Crown, for it is the promised seed, and heir of all the promised in this life, and that which is to come, but there is no agreement between this and the seed of the serpent, for where ever the Serpents wisdome seeks after, this, it it is that he may slay it, but God hath hid it from him, and doth hide it our of the Serpents sight, but that seed sees the Serpent where he is, and doth judge him, and comdemn him, and bruise his head: how deep are they Counsels, O Lord, past finding out.

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